IP: mc.dustyhub.net
SEASON START: Sat May 04 2024
UP FOR: 66 days
  • Render Distance is set to a low 7
    The reason for this is simply performance, now there is a good chance that it get's increase from this number in the future(talking about the Folia project here). Also take a look at the suggested mods as one of them makes this less of an "issue".
  • Simulation Distance is set to 4
    Just like Render Distance this is low for performance reasons. This is something you should keep in mind as it means that some of your farm designs may not work as well as you may hope.
  • Nether roof building is disabled and is not allowed
    Why? ask the right people and they will tell you that it is an unitended "feature". It removes the challenge of the nether. Last reason is that bedrock players are simply unable to access the roof as this is not a bug on the bedrock version.
These settings may be deal breakers for you and that is simply up to you to decide.
  • No Racist shit
  • No leaving floating trees
    Seeing leafy green low baring clouds is one of the ugliest things in this game.
  • No PVP without concent
    This simply means no randomly attacking other players.
  • No Cheating
    What? keep walking bud.
  • No Hacking
    Odd that we have to say this, but yea, no hacking. no point in doing so, just ruins the smp experience for yourself.
  • Be Respectful
    This is not a competitive game in any way, keep things chill and everyone will enjoy their time here.
  • Don't let your cousin, brother, uncle, dog, pet fish, or babysitter play for you.
    This means don't blame your actions that result in a ban on your little brother. Ain't no one wanna touch your crusty controller.
  • Do not build too close to another players
    Make sure they have their own personal space. Leave distance between eachother so you all have enough space to build.
  • Do not build too close to Spawn
    You may not be aware, but yes, your build looks bad.. get that out of here.
  • Do not build too close to the Shopping District
    Lots not confuse each other on what is a base and what is a shop.. so again. keep it away.
  • Breaking any of these "rules" could result in a ban. It's really not a joke, floating trees could get you banned.
    How's it going, everything in life alright?
  • Magic Mirror [click-to-view-recipes]
    This a craftable book that will teleport the player to their desired location. Locations include BED,SPAWN,LAST DEATH & even add your own.
  • Skills
    as you level up you'll unlock abilites and passive buffs. example: reduced hunger, extra health, etc.. makes all aspects of minecraft way more interesting. most important command is /skill (or /sk for short).
  • Land Claiming
    to claim land start by running the /rg command. note that claiming land will cost diamonds, with the cost increasing depending on size of the claim.
  • Portals
    upgraded portals. to make these portals you need obsidian, a netherite block, an enchanting table, and a lever. make the portal just as you would a nether portal but replace one block with the netherite block. place the enchanting table and the lever nearby. Lastly crouch interact with the enchating table and portal frame, all done.
  • Keep Some Inventory
    When you die, you'll keep most of your gear.
  • Mob Captains
    Some spicier mobs that drop enchanted rare items.
  • Voice Chat
    Yes you can voice chat ingame as long as you have the voice chat mod installed.
  • Ingame Discord Chat
    You don't always need to be ingame to chat with someone ingame.
  • Voxy
    Lets you have a greater render distance than the server.
  • Bobby
    Similar to Voxy.. currently has better compatibility.
  • Simple Voice Chat
    Ingame Voice chat is pretty nice.
Where is spawn located?
X: 184
Y: 110
Z: -3
the known When you first spawn make sure you read up on all the rules ingame, yes along with the rules you see here there is also a rules board ingame that you must carefully read. At spawn you'll also notice a few NPCs, they are there to help new players get started. You'll see Linda, who hands out some bread for your trip. There is a blacksmith who will give you some starter gear in exchange for bread.
Where is the Shopping District located?
the missing If you have any issues with anything let it be know, and like stated before ingame chat goes to the discord, so feel free to ask help to the void. It is very possible to get stuck within spawn so if this happens to you let someone know. If someone steals something from you, if someone does something to your build.. let others know, and it ill be taken care of.
There is no whitelist, more of a graylist. meaning that you can join, look around, but you can't touch. server ip mc.dustyhub.net, port is default
console players Since these devices/platform do not allow users to simply add a server, you will need to follow a few steps. In the link below there will be videos showing you steps on how to add servers.. follow one relevant to your device/platform. BEDROCK-CONNECT